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  • A staircase with wooden treads and a balustrade with stainless steel net between a concrete wall and metal railings.
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Bespoke staircases and unique Staircases

Looking for bespoke staircases, unique Staircases or unique stairs? A bespoke EeStairs® feature staircase enriches an environment, makes a statement and arouses curiosity.  EeStairs has the capabilities to design exceptional, unique staircases that blend bold design with functionality to bring drama to a space and catch the attention of visitors. EeStairs embraces the opportunity to deliver exciting, individual stairs and has the confidence to push the boundaries where others stop. Our creativity and ability to appreciate our client's perspectives ensure that we deliver striking, personalised products.

With an EeStairs® staircase the possibilities are almost limitless, whether you choose Custom Design, Standard Designs or Co-Creation by EeStairs. Discover our world of unique staircases, bespoke staircases, unique staircase, bespoke staircase, bespoke stairs, bespoke stair unique stairs and unique stair.

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Custom Design

EeStairs can design, manufacture and install your unique, custom made feature staircase tailored to suit your specific requirements.Your unique, personalised staircase with expert advice from our designers. Our designers explore the boundaries, pushing them back where possible to deliver exceptional results. Read more

Standard Designs

EeStairs offers a wide selection of interesting standardised EeStairs® staircases that will enhance your home, shop or development project. Our designers have created a range of staircases that combine creativity and functionality to bring you practical, beautiful stairs suitable for any interior. Read more


Are you an architect or contractor looking for a specialist to supply a staircase that has already been designed? EeStairs has the know-how, attention to detail and focus on quality required to turn your design into a production reality. No surprises, no risks, just your design delivered exactly as you intended. Read more

From design to handover

  1. Introduction and orientation

    EeStairs.com offers a comprehensive introduction to EeStairs and the beautiful products that we supply.  Familiarising yourself with the various styles, geometry options and materials available is the first step towards your unique, tailor made staircase.  Request a free brochure for more information.

  2. Meeting and mapping

    Contact EeStairs to arrange a meeting with an advisor in our studio.  This is an opportunity to share your ideas and help us to appreciate your personal tastes, preferences, project specifics and budget allocated to the staircase.  With a map of your requirements we can advise you on the material choices, design options, regulations and potential restrictions.

  3. Visualisation and quotation

    Having developed a confidence in our working method, knowledge and skills you are ready to move forwards and want to know how your design will look in reality and whether the staircase of your dreams fits your budget. We are happy to provide you with a bespoke visualisation or a fixed price quotation.

  4. Order

    After placing your order with EeStairs we determine the preferred delivery date that best suits all relevant parties.  With a proposed delivery period established an Order Confirmation document is issued detailing the scope of supply and terms of the agreement, this ensures that you know what to expect, right from the start.

  5. Site survey and drawing

    The first phase of the production process starts. We carry out a comprehensive site survey and use the information to prepare detailed drawings of your custom staircase.  The drawings are sent to you for approval prior to commencement of manufacture.

  6. Production and progress

    When your staircase is in production you may be curious to know how the project is progressing.  Contact your advisor or project manager to make an appointment to visit to our workshops. We are proud of what we produce and we love share it with you.

  7. Delivery and aftercare

    The EeStairs crew will install your unique EeStairs® staircase at the agreed time and will evaluate the entire project with you afterwards to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

    Each staircase to leave the EeStairs workshops is a handcrafted work of art of which we feel very proud.  This being the case we aim to photograph every staircase after installation to maintain our gallery of beautiful stairs.

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