• Sunglasses, a poster, a ceiling with lighting and along the wooden wall a floating staircase.
  • A wooden spiral staircase with wooden handrail walked on by a woman with brown boots.
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The cost of a bespoke EeStairs® feature staircase is determined by various factors such as geometry, preferred materials and intended use. This being the case it is not possible to provide an accurate fixed price quotation through our website. The information below explains the process that leads to the quotation stage.


We base our quotations on an introductory meeting where we discuss your wishes and map your requirements. This enables us to fully appreciate the scope of the project.  An awareness  of site dimensions and material finishes will help to ensure an accurate quotation.  In some cases, where the requirements are extremely complex, we may charge you a fee for drawing up the quotation but of course we will make you aware of this in advance.

Consultation without obligation

At orientation stage you may simply require confirmation that your idea is actually feasible?  Why not make an appointment to discuss your ideas with one of our advisors. EeStairs can help and there is no obligation.


EeStairs offers several services to help you choose the right EeStairs® staircase. The initial costs of these convenient services are offset as you appreciate the added value and see how they help you to save money as the project progresses.

Design Service

You can use our EeStairs® Design Service for creative advice on complex or feature staircases. Our designers are happy to assist you through the challenging stages of creation process.

Visualisation Service

We recognise that you would like to know in advance what your staircase will look like in its ultimate setting. Our EeStairs® Visualisation Service makes this possible. The level of detail specified in the visualisation is modular and affects the costs.

Budget Service

If you find that the costs of your preferred design solution do not align with the budget allocated to the staircase, it may be time to contact the EeStairs® Budget Service. Our specialists can propose cost saving solutions and advise on the price implications whilst staying true to the spirit of your design. This way you can achieve a practical result quickly and efficiently. It is realistic, creative, time-saving and efficient.