A quarter-landing staircase next to the front door with a doormat and the garage door and on a tile floor.

QuarterTurn staircases

90-degree turn to the left or to the right? The choice is yours when it comes to a quarter turn staircase. And the same is true for the choice of finish and materials. Is it steel you want? Or would you prefer materials like glass, stainless steel or stone to give it that exclusive look? If you choose a steel variant, prices start at about 5,500 Euros. An exclusive quarter turn staircase starts at about 18,000 Euros.

A quarter turn staircase is often supported by one or two walls, which means that a balustrade is only needed on one side. Quarter turn staircases particularly come into their own in residential properties, although at EeStairs we think they look great anywhere. From functional staircases to exclusive staircases: you can do almost anything with an EeStairs® quarter turn staircase.