A galvanised steel emergency staircase on a roof terrace by which skylights and a brick wall are visible.

Functional staircases

Although we like to create things of beauty, we know that sometimes the main feature of a staircase is its function. This is especially true when safety is paramount and the staircase is to serve as an escape route or fire escape. EeStairs® functional staircases meet all these requirements. Most models are made entirely of steel, often in the form of a straight staircase or a spiral staircase.

Functional staircases are simple staircases and consequently not the most expensive variant, with prices starting at around 3,000 Euros. Most EeStairs® functional staircases are galvanised and therefore low maintenance. The treads are often steel mesh or a perforated anti-slip pattern. A cage construction is also possible to ensure that not just anyone can make use of the staircase. Every functional staircase is therefore primarily a safe staircase.

Straight stairs steelStraight stairs steel

Straight stairs steel

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