A staircase with glass treads and a platform for a lift shaft with lift door on a wooden parquet floor.

ExtraOpen staircases

It's possible that our open staircases don't give you quite the sense of space you are looking for. EeStairs is happy to take the design a step further, with its extra open staircases. The difference between  our open and extra open staircases is that the treads are not between two stringers, but mounted on top of the stringers. This is possible by using a notched stringer, a central stringer, or by connecting the treads together individually.

EeStairs® ExtraOpen staircases are often combined with balustrade mounted on top of the treads. We can offer a vast array of styles: straight, or with a quarter turn or you might prefer a spiral or helical staircase. The choice of materials is wide-ranging too. You could opt for steel or wooden treads or – more exclusively – treads made of glass or stone. They all have one essential feature: the treads are always open on both sides. You can be sure that an extra open staircase will give you a supreme sense of space.