A closed winding staircase on a floor with oblong tiles, carpet, lounge chair and wall cabinet with a model boat inside.

Timber staircases

EeStairs doesn't sell any staircases made entirely of timber, yet we are very aware of the material's charm. Wood is warm and friendly, and homely. It is also a fairly soft material that is easy to work with. Because of this, we make use of wood in many different ways: in modern or more traditional designs, in closed tread models or more transparent styles.

When EeStairs talks about timber staircases, we mean steel or stainless steel staircases with timber treads. We can produce timber staircases in many different styles. The cost naturally depends on the design, style and finish, but wood is much cheaper than glass or stone. Nonetheless, timber combined with such materials can form a very exclusive staircase. Whatever your preference, you can be assured of a quality product when you choose an EeStairs® timber staircase: timeless, tasteful and personalised.

Helical stairs woodHelical stairs wood

Helical stairs wood

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