Standard Design A red space-saving staircase on a wooden floor, with a white sleeper sofa and a black radiator.

Standard Designs

EeStairs has a vast selection of affordable, ready-made staircase designs. EeStairs® balustrades are often used as part of a staircase. We regard balustrades also as an individual object, independent from the structural elements. EeStairs has many patented balustrade systems that can be used in a variety of situations such as private and business sectors.Standard Designs underline the fact that design certainly doesn't have to be expensive. The Moon Staircase and the 1m2 staircase are two possibilities. Perhaps the Cells Design or the Transparancy 1-03 series is more to your liking. An EeStairs® Standard Design brings designer staircases within the reach of even a limited budget.

By choosing a Standard Design, you get a standard product with a number of options. Many different styles and materials are possible within this standard. Standard Design thus enables you to create your own unique staircase, and gives you the opportunity of matching its design perfectly to any setting. A standard design, affordable and yet tailor-made the way you want: that is what EeStairs' Standard Design is all about.

Characteristic features of Standard Designs

  • Affordable, ready-made staircase designs
  • Bold, EeStairs® feature staircases within reach of modest budgets
  • Exciting products that can be tailored to suit your situation
  • Standard models with many custom options
  • Specify your own staircase to ensure a unique design
  • Many Standard Designs to choose from and the range keeps growing