Standard Design
  • A stucco ceiling around a stairwell with a spiral staircase with stainless steel balustrade system inside and glass balustrades in front.
  • A hanging lamp from IKEA in the shape of a bird’s nest next to a staircase with balustrade system and chairs further up.
  • A wall with cell motif, with white balustrades with cell motif in front and black granite treads in between.
  • A divan with glass side table in a room with floor lighting, Venetian blinds and a spiral staircase with balustrade.

Cells by EeStairs® | Staircase system

EeStairs® Cells – Organic staircase system, flexible and unique

Creativity and innovation: a wonderful combination. Both aspects go hand in hand with Cells by EeStairs®. It is a staircase system in which organic shapes are the central feature of the staircase and balustrade. A system that not only ensures an artistic and modern appeal, but also an equally stylish one.

The advantages of Cells by EeStairs®:

  • Produces an artistic and stylish effect
  • Can be customised to meet regulations and your wishes
  • Flexible concept produces a unique staircase
  • Suitable for staircases, atriums and stairwells
  • Can be installed straight or curved
  • Available in any RAL colour.
  • The balustrade and the stringer form a single entity
  • Cells® is a Registered Design

EeStairs® Cells Design is derived from the previously conceived Leonardo™ design. This design was too open for some customers and required adjustment. Using the design methods previously employed for the Leonardo™ design, a whole series of structures were discovered that are organic. These structures, based on Voronoi diagrams, were used to create EeStairs® Cells Design.

Cells by Eestairs® is very flexible: depending on regulations and customers' taste, large or small cells can be formed. The use of steel means that the staircase is available in any RAL colour. EeStairs® Cells Design can be installed either straight or curved, as part of a staircase or as a free-standing object. Its design provides a flexible and unique staircase solution for any building.