Standard Design
  • A bamboo staircase in a property with wooden rafters and a curved corrugated roof with air conditioning.
  • Closed staircase with bamboo railings in front of an exterior façade with windows with wooden frames.
  • A biological staircase on a concrete floor in an exposition space with light rails with fluorescent lighting.
  • A blurry photo of a stainless steel handrail on horizontal bamboo slats.

MindStep by EeStairs®

EeStairs® MindStep – Sustainability and design make an excellent combination

Designing and producing special staircases and balustrades is exciting, but it mustn't be at the expense of the world in which we live in. For that very reason EeStairs keeps its eye on sustainability, as wonderfully expressed in MindStep by EeStairs®: a model with treads and a balustrade made from bamboo.

The advantages of MindStep by EeStairs®:

  • Sustainable use of bamboo
  • Wear-resistant
  • Bamboo's structural properties
  • After processing bamboo doesn't expand or shrink
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be lacquered/stained/painted in any colour
  • Practical alternative for hardwood
  • EeStairs' MindStep is a Registered Design

In contrast to hardwoods, bamboo grows fast. Due to this fact its natural stock is abundant, making bamboo the perfect answer to the rising demand for wooden staircases and balustrades. When bamboo is turned and pressed the result is a reliable, attractive and wear-resistant alternative to timber that does not shrink or expand. You can be assured that the treads and structure of an EeStairs® MindStep staircase remain stable. And anyone who thinks bamboo isn't tough, is wrong. After  lamination the material is almost as strong as steel.

Bamboo is easy to work with. Just like timber it can be varnished, stained or painted to any colour. This makes bamboo just as easy to use as hardwood, and therefore a realistic alternative. EeStairs only uses sustainably obtained bamboo, so as to do our bit towards making the staircase industry more sustainable. And we don't just do this with the MindStep by EeStairs®: EePlanet is another example. Take a look at the website where green issues are the main theme, and discover how EeStairs contributes towards a sustainable society.