A loft with a glass floor and glass doors. Further, the rolling blinds and hanging ceiling spotlights are visible.

TransParancy - Glass railing

Discover your unique transparant glass railing here. The word transparent is associated with concepts like open and clear. It provides a sense of space and unlimited possibilities. All these characteristics come together in EeStairs® TransParancy balustrades. Made mostly of glass, the designs of these glass railings have received wide acclaim from designers and architects. Our customers appreciate TransParancy balustrades for their inconspicuous appearance. Glass railings are an excellent option to accompany staircases in residential, commercial and public buildings.

EeStairs® TransParancy models comply with virtually all applicable regulations and codes, allowing them to be used everywhere. And what's more, the glass combines beautifully with wood, mild steel and stainless steel. Combining TransParancy balustrades with stainless steel provides a sleek, exclusive look at quite a value-driven price.

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The EeStairs® TransParancy balustrades

Though we often think of it as fragile, glass can actually be produced with great strength. Glass is a material that provides the flexibility to create curved or multi-layered railing designs. This means that EeStairs® TransParancy railings can be produced in virtually any shape you like. The balustrade is highly transparent; almost invisible. Our glass is available in many finishes, including colored film, solid, opaque, or high-clarity glass. EeStairs has a glass railing available to match any of your needs and installation requirements.

EeStairs introduced the TransParancy 1-03 balustrade in 2002, and it quickly became our most popular design. Why? Transparancy 1-03 offers excellent value for your money without compromising the look of its surroundings. This clever and well-devised concept can be applied using all kinds of different materials and geometry.

Those seeking a more minimalistic design will be drawn to the TransParancy 1-01 GO balustrade. This is an all-glass model, featuring structural glass. As a result there are no visible lines, either horizontally or vertically. These balustrades are ideal when attention should be focused on the surroundings. There is also a version with a handrail on top of the structural glass: TransParancy 1-01 CB.

Perhaps you would prefer to see some technical detailing? The TransParancy 1-02 CB balustrades are surface mounted to the face of an opening, using visible stainless steel fittings. The TransParancy 1-02 XL takes this one step further and has a stainless steel handrail.

The TransParancy 1-01 XL glass balustrade excels in aesthetics. The glass of this model is taller than the normal standard height and a handrail is fitted on offset handrail brackets.

If you think that outfitting a large building with glass balustrades will be a major investment, then we would like to introduce you to our patented TransParancy Vista system. This system is a highly affordable alternative to simple vertical bar rails, and enables you to retain the appearance of glass balustrades throughout the building. The Vista system can be applied to the TransParancy 1-01 CB and TransParancy 1-01 GO balustrades.

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