• A flight of stairs with wooden treads and vertical tension wires in a room with parquet floor, windows and Persian rugs.
  • Doors in a hall with a winding staircase in it, a copper plant pot with hanging plant and a statue.
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Service for Architects

EeStairs® Service for Architects is a facility that makes expert advice and technical support available to design professionals. The service offers concept generation, resolution of staircase geometry, building regulation advice, preparation of contract documents or advice on budget and feasibility. Our Service for Architects also includes the facility to visualise EeStairs® staircases and balustrades which is our way of helping you, the architect, to perfectly communicate your design intent to the client. We are committed to providing an expert service; a solution offered by EeStairs will be technically viable and suitable for production. You can count on that.

No fee

In business there's no such thing as a free lunch. Nonetheless, EeStairs wants to keep this service free of charge, all we ask in return is to be named in the contract documents. Where this is not viable EeStairs can be brought in as a consultant.

Engaging EeStairs Service for Architects

For a competitive fee you can benefit from the expertise provided by our Service for Architects, either independently or in combination with other services.   For more information about our 3D computer visualisations please visit EeDesign.

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