• An open glass spiral staircase on a parquet floor in a room with glass walls and a meadow view.
  • Two leather chairs in a room with arched window, an open staircase, wooden floor and brick walls.
  • A stone floor, a fauteuil, a window that offers a view of a city and an open staircase.
  • A winding staircase with balustrades with cell motif in a hall with cast floor, open wall and triangular windows.

Design Service

By continuously pushing the boundaries and embracing new technologies, innovative concepts are regularly emerging from EeStairs' design centres. This ensures that we stay ahead when it comes to the creation of bold new staircase designs.

The future starts today

To maintain our pioneering role, we have to know what the market wants. By conducting market research we learn of new fashions and customer requirements  then set our creative minds to work developing new, in vogue design solutions.  This enables us to cater to the latest trends in design and architecture and bring to market cutting edge staircases and balustrades.

Tailor-made solutions

We offer the EeStairs® Design Service that is available to private individuals, design professionals, contractors and beyond. EeStairs have the expertise and creativity to offer you a tailor-made solution that suits both your budget and your wishes.

Engaging EeStairs Design Service

For a competitive fee you can benefit from the expertise provided by our Design Service, either independently or in combination with other services. For more information about our 3D computer visualisations please visit the website of EeDesign.

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