Weave balustrade

Weave balustrade

The Weave balustrade is based on traditional weaving techniques and complex oriental patterns. A seemingly impossible interwoven ornament is created by just using the steel bar in an unexpected way. One goal of this design was to break the visual limitations of simple steel bar and focus on the play of light and shadow, materiality and surface finishes.

The design is based on a simple star shaped element that can be connected into a balustrade. One side shows the modular nature while the other side seems like a seamlessly interwoven structure, seemingly impossible to construct. When assembled, the appearance of three meshes woven together is created. This lends itself to the use of three different finishes and colors per balustrade to emphasize this effect.

The modular nature of this design not only makes it possible to be used as a balustrade but also as room dividers or facade covering. A simple and clean connection was designed to assemble the single parts with just one bolt per knot. The resulting assembly forms a very strong self supporting lattice structure.

Name:Mr. C. Comanns
Profession:Industrial Designer
Description:Cornelius Comanns, Germany