The EeStairs Design Competition is being organised by EeStairs Nederland B.V. in collaboration with its associated companies EeStairs UK and EeVenture B.V.


What does EeStairs do?

The staircase manufacturer EeStairs looks for designs that fit well within their environment, EeStairs's image and the client's wishes. It bases its proposals on its creativity, expertise and experience, without ever losing sight of the function that the staircase must fulfil.

Balustrades by EeStairs are often used as part of a staircase, but do not have to be attached to one by definition. That's because EeStairs sees a balustrade in the main as an independent object. EeStairs has a large number of patented balustrade systems that may be used in a whole range of different situations, both for the private and the corporate market.

By encouraging students and young designers to submit entries, EeStairs is challenging them to come up with creative and innovative designs.



"We want to see the craftsmanship and feel the passion in everything they do and make. They have to be passionate about creating a superb design for a unique product; one that arouses the desired feeling."

This is what EeStairs is after. And once again, we have set the bar high.

"To put it simple, it is our mission to be the best staircase specialist in the world. And will do our utmost to achieve this." - Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director of EeStairs.



For EeStairs, quality is our goal. It's what we strive for in every design and execution, now and in the future. Qualified staff are available in every single discipline, enabling us to guarantee quality. Our equipment, workplace and safety procedures fulfil the strictest requirements and are optimally arranged so as to achive the desired result.

In addition, the materials we use are of first-class quality. EeStairs looks at materials offered throughout the world so as to be able to pick and choose exactly the right materials from the entire selection.

Altogether, these capabilities and working methods form the right basis for a unique EeStairs staircase or balustrade. Products which not only EeStairs, but also our clients will be proud of.

For more information about EeStairs, please see our website: www.eestairs.com