Joe Stuart

Senior Design Engineer & Project Manager -

Working across industrial and residential architecture, design and engineering, Joe has worked in varying capacities from designer through to project manager, addressing the needs of a wealth of clients including Transport for London (TfL) and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOGOG). Joe is currently working with a highly driven team at to design and build the most advanced snack packaging facility in the world. At Graze, his projects have varied from buildings to services, user-centered products to commercial fabrication.

How do you think staircases can become outstanding focal points in an interior, or what makes an interesting staircase?

Staircases, whilst a functional structure in the home, have the potential to be outstanding pieces of architectural design. The purpose to transition floors means that they are able to bring in alternative lighting sources, increase the line of site and introduce a vertical component that can compliment the characteristics of the building. Layout and the decoration of a space can connect different rooms and therefore consideration of materials can help accent or contrast this depending on the drama the designer, architect or client desires.


Why did you agree to take part in the competition?

For me design is about collaboration. And competition will always involve a level of this. The ability for individuals and groups to showcase their ideas and get qualitative feedback is always a good thing.


What will you be looking for in the entries?

I will be interested to see the coupling of innovation with plausibility. Material choice can be subjective, but I am interested to see if any new materials and techniques can be utilised. Lastly, form cannot be without function and so I am looking for the small 'nerdy' details that manage to make fixings less of an add on, and more of an accent... Or maybe invisible?