Sean Hatcher

Board Director - MCM Architecture

Sean is a Board Director and Creative Director of MCM, a leading workplace design architecture practice with offices in New York, Chicago, London and Singapore. Sean's early career included numerous international opportunities, including the winning entry for Max Mara's headquarters, Italy and T-Mobile's global headquarters in Munich. Sean has a wealth of experience in the office, leisure, retail and residential sectors, having delivered award-winning projects both in the UK, throughout Central Europe, Saudi Arabia and India. His achievements, thinking and passion have been recognised by the British Council for Offices who awarded him their highest accolade, the BCO 'Best-of-the-Best' award for his work on ISG HQ.


How do you think staircases can become outstanding focal points in an interior, or what makes an interesting staircase?

I believe a beautifully considered and executed stair can become a piece of art or statement that can uplift the spirits as well as the interior it has been placed. Indeed, a staircase can become – by means of creating space as well as a sense of place – a piece of 'architecture' in their own right.


Why did you agree to take part in the competition?

I decided to take part in this competition as I was fascinated by the opportunity to engage and enjoy the entries creativity talents, not matter where they are. I am fascinated at the potential to see brilliant ideas and designs come to fruition.


What will you be looking for in the entries?

I will be looking for clarity in terms of the concept, as well as execution of the vision. I will wish to see how this has been taken from the macro (concept) through to the micro (detail). Importantly, I would like to see a balance (or perhaps a tension) of rigour and delight in all entries.