Staircases are all around us, such an obvious part of our surroundings that we often do not notice them. At EeStairs we consider design to be more than form and function - design must push boundaries, dare to be innovative and make the impossible possible. Design is taking people on a journey of fascination and perception.

So, it is time to consider stairs and balustrades in a different light!

'Good' is not good enough. EeStairs strives for the very best. For the Design Competition EeStairs is looking for ambitious designers who share the same philosophy to inspire the world of design with exciting and revolutionary creations. Stairs and balustrades are far more than functional components of architecture. EeStairs is on the hunt for designers that will look for the deeper meaning of stairs and balustrades and who can use them to deliver a truly 'wonderful journey.'

EeStairs Design Competition, what is it?

EeStairs has launched the EeStairs Design Competition to inspire others and celebrate passion for design and creation, shining a light on some of the most skilled students and young designers. The EeStairs Design Competition challenges students and young designers to design creative, functional staircases and/or balustrades. EeStairs is looking for staircase and/or balustrade designs in two categories; Corporate Staircases and Repeatable Balustrade Designs. More information about the two categories

The EeStairs Design Competition provides competitors with an opportunity to gain practical experience alongside a leading specialist whilst also attracting media attention and elevating their professional profile. EeStairs publicity surrounding the competition will bring the winners to the attention of industry professionals as well as the general public.

Who can take part?

The EeStairs Design Competition is open to (young) designers and students (and anyone else who wants to participate), but focusses mostly on students at Technical Universities and Colleges studying courses in:

  • Architecture
  • Architectural Technology
  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Furniture Design


Individuals as well as teams or groups are permitted to enter the EeStairs Design Competition, but for teams there are some special requirements (see terms and conditions for more information).

Members of the jury and members of their associated organisations, together with any persons who have in any way been involved in preparations for the competition, are excluded from taking part.

Is there a reward?

The winner of the Corporate Staircase category and the winner of the Repeatable Balustrade Design category will receive an EeStairs Design Competition Award. This award is accompanied by a £2,000 cash prize. The remaining nominated contestants in both categories won't go home empty handed; each will receive a consolation prize of £100. The price-giving ceremony will take place in the Netherlands, on March 4th 2016. Details of the location of the Prize Giving Ceremony will be announced at a later date.

At a minimum the winners' designs are expected to feature in an extensive range of publications connected with the award. Via these media outlets the winners (and possibly the nominated contestants) will be brought to the attention of professional colleagues and the public.

In addition and perhaps most excitingly, EeStairs will consider putting one or more of the designs submitted into production with potential to include models temporarily in its collection. Your design could become a production reality!


There will be two judging rounds, one for the entries and one for the nominated designs. First of all, the jury will nominate three designs per category, from all the entries. After this, an online ballot will be held by means of votes. The results of both rounds will be amalgamated and will determine the winners.

The jury, consisting of leading experts from the fields of architecture, product design and engineering, will judge all submissions and decide on the nominations. The jury consists of:

  • Sean Hatcher (Board Director at MCM Architecture)
  • Armin Ganguly-Hiebert (Director at Ganguly Architects Ltd)
  • Joe Stuart (Senior Design Engineer & Project Manager at Graze.com)
  • Amy Frearson (Deputy editor and architecture editor at Dezeen)
  • Geoffrey Packer (Designer at EeStairs UK)


The competition will be scheduled as follows:

  • 1 September 2015 - Launch of the EeStairs Design Competition. Registration opens
  • 31 December 2015 - Registration closes at 16:00 hours (UK time)
  • 1 February 2016 - Announcement of nominees on website. Online voting opens
  • 14 February 2016 - Online voting closes at 16:00 hours (UK time)
  • 4 March 2016 - Prize-giving ceremony and announcement of prize winners


Entry Fee

There is no entry fee. All costs incurred by a contestant to create and to submit his or her design (and other costs relating to participating in the competition) are to be paid by the contestant.

Submission requirements

Per design, the contestant should submit several items, which are listed in the Term and Conditions document. You can download this document here.

Conditions of participation

By submitting an entry, entrants agree to all of the terms and conditions, to the decisions of the judges and to the results of the online ballot.

Terms and conditions

More info about the competition in the Terms and Conditions document. You can download this document here.