Remembering the first edition

Who: Iurii Tiguntsev, winner in the Custom Design category

From: Russia

About: his experience with the first competion


"It has been almost two years since I took a part in the first edition of the EeStairs Design Competition. To this day I still consider the competition to be one of the most interesting experiences that I have had in terms of testing my ability to create architectural forms that serve more than one purpose.

Every step of the competition was enjoyable, from reading the brief and sketching my numerous initial ideas to really honing in on what kind of staircase I wanted to create and what function it would serve. The EeStairs Team organised a wonderful competition that was interesting to participate in and gave us an incredibly warm welcome and wonderful awards ceremony.

At the time I found out about the competition I was working on designing and adapting architectural elements for use by people with disabilities and limited mobility, so I decided to bring the two ideas together when creating my entry. I took inspiration from everything around me, including realised projects from EeStairs, and tried to think hard about how I could make the journey of a staircase accessible to all.

I tried my best to bring together the idea of a staircase as a piece of art that at the same time could be used by anyone.

This year I'm going to take part again and try to create the best design that I can."