EeStairs were approached by Maas Architecten to engineer a grand staircase for Vreugdenhil’s office in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.


The staircase features EeStairs’ luxurious EeSoffit finish which is an innovative alternative to stucco plasterwork on the underside of a stair.


During the immense installation, the upper stages of the staircase had to be hoisted into the atrium and mounted because of their large size, with the stair supplied in parts and built over the façade of the building.

Decorative tree

The lower stage of the staircase is highly accessible with alternate landings every two steps and the inner string of the staircase gradually builds from the lower stage to circle a decorative tree placed in the centre of the staircase.

“This is a particularly ‘walkable’ staircase because every two steps feature intermediate landing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the involved parties to make this project a success,” said Harmen van de Weerd, EeStairs’ Head of Project Management and Engineering.