Space saver basement stair

The 1m2™ narrow basement stair is ideal if stairs lead to basements or lower ground floors, where users might be moving from a cramped space on the ground floor to a relatively small space in the basement. The compact 1m2™ basement stair makes it possible to repurpose basements for uses such as offices, storage spaces, or family ‘dens’.

This innovative basement stair idea means stairs going down to basements can be installed, provided your basement meets regulations for habitation or other uses.

1m2™ basement stairs unique column and railing

The compact 1m2™ spiral stairs, with integral basement stair railings, are a breakthrough in basement staircase design, with a unique geometry: the central column is slightly slanted with an integral basement stair railing. The 1m2™ stairs leading to basements are securely attached to the opening in the floor, and at its base