White helical staircase in a city villa

When we make stairs for internationally famous architects or interior designers, it’s all about the Four Ps. Perfect line. Perfect details. Perfect surfaces. Perfect materials. In other words, stairs EXACTLY as they were designed.

And we know these designers will ALWAYS notice the slightest imperfection.

So, when an international interior designer gave us his drawings and visualisations for two spiral staircases for a home in the transformed 19th century Carré van Bloemendaal in Holland, it was definitely a Four P situation.

And by the way, we also think P is B . . . B for BEAUTIFUL. Hope you agree!

Please look at the key details in the image – the precise geometry of the steel balustrade, the ultra-smooth EeSoffit™ and the wooden steps. We think we’ve passed the P test.

View this project here:

Oudendijk, Bloemendaal [NL]