Curved floating stairs

Are you toying with an idea for a unique staircase? Or perhaps you already have a design in mind, but it needs some refining? EeStairs is ready and willing to work with you. We can do almost anything in terms of design, materials and implementation, and that includes creating your dream staircase. From start to finish, because as well as EeStairs® Design we also manufacture and install. Custom-made to your specific wishes, EeStairs® Custom Design.

An exceptional staircase is enticing wherever it is, in your home, shop or office, whether its design is quirky, business-like or modern. EeStairs is committed to creating the staircase of your dreams and uses photo realistic computer visualisations to let you see the possibilities at an early stage in the design process. While never losing sight of what is practical and feasible, we like to give creativity and innovation free rein. You can be sure that together we will produce a fascinating EeStairs® custom staircase that arouses admiration.