A stainless steel spiral staircase with floating and glass treads, on a natural stone floor under a glass canopy.
A spiral staircase with floating treads, balustrade and glass canopy between white stucco walls above a natural stone floor.
A floating staircase with wooden treads in a living room with a painting, chair and wooden plinths.
A living room with a natural stone floor, windows with wooden frames and a floating staircase with wooden treads.

Visualize or Actualize

EeStairs offers a specialized service to provide its customers with three-dimensional renderings that allows them to visualize their ideas and conceptual designs in a detailed image. When dealing with creative minds and modern, unique designs, one can greatly appreciate grasping their dream in a 3-D rendering!

Once the staircase is complete, this pre-project inspiration often falls out of site due to the actualization of the solid, concrete beauty before the eyes and under the fingertips. However, would it not be stimulating to compare these two? This project is in its finishing stages and should be complete in the next few days!