A staircase in a terminal with carpet, a glass wall with framing, ceiling plates and a door.
Top view of staircase treads and a balustrade, in a terminal with a natural stone floor and glass wall in it.
A staircase with a steel balustrade, in front of a white stucco wall, glass wall and carpet floor.

Flying high

Concept generation is one of EeStairs strengths and was used fully for a Swiss client requiring a feature stair for a new airport terminal.

At EeStairs our concept generation is second to none. A Swiss client with an new airport terminal was after a feature staircase inspired by flight, but with a tight budget. A brainstorming session revealed a few options, but a design based on contrails was developed further.

Fluid forms from laser cut mild steel feature as the stairs balustrade, and also act as the support for the staircase. The balustrade is linked via folded treads which are based on an aircraft wing shape.