A staircase with natural stone treads and glass balustrade by a window in an apartment in New York.
A glass balustrade, laminate floor and a white stucco wall in an apartment in New York.

What’s Up and Coming

On the 42nd to 43th floor, in one of the many high-rises that make the skyline of New York City, will reside one of our very own custom stairs!

Recently, EeStairs America has received the contract to fabricate and install an intricate stair for a two level penthouse in midtown Manhattan. The stair layout includes a series of curved and straight aspects. The center stringer will be a painted gray metal plate alternately curving and straightening to reach the desired point of landing and the second level. The treads will be a 1 ¼” light gray stone and the railings will be panels of straight and curved glass.

One of the challenges of this project is how to fabricate the largest part of the stair, the stringer, in such a way that it can be disassemble into small enough sections and transportable up to the 42nd floor.  With creative minds exploring the many options available, the most efficient plan is constructed.