A flight of stairs with treads of perforated steel, between two stepladders in the EeStairs workplace.
Staircase treads of perforated steel in a workplace, with a tool on one of the treads.
A person on a stepladder by a staircase with steel treads, by a wall with steel frame.

Home of Fabrication

At this current time, the in house EeCrew are fabricating and assembling a very unique and interesting staircase. This stair incorporates several aspects that haven’t been previously combined.

There are two straight stringers supporting the treads of this stair. Their size and shape are unique in order that it may accomplish two purposes. The customer preferred the appearance of the stringers to be thick and bulky to portray bold strength. The stringers also taper in such away to allow rotation of the treads accomplishing a 60-degree rotation from entrance to exit.

The base of the treads are manufactured and formed out of perforated steel plate and are to be overlaid with 1” glass treads. Each tread is unique in its size and dimension.

The railings for this staircase are large tempered, laminated glass panels. For this particular case, an exception was made allowing the exclusion of a handrail. This benefits the appearance of the railing by displaying an open and floating feature.