A spiral staircase with walnut wood treads and white powder-coated balustrade with cell motif in an apartment in Le Havre.
A part of a spiral staircase with a balustrade with cell motif, next to a wall with dark wood plates.
The underside of a spiral staircase with walnut wood treads, along a white stucco wall in an apartment.

Cells Design: Custom designed organic balustrade

Cells by EeStairs® is an organic steel balustrade system designed to suit your individual needs. Based on the mathematics of a Voronoi diagram, Cells® balustrade is an evolution of previous custom designs which were very open. In fact they where too open for some clients and indeed building inspectors. Using custom software Cells® can be as open or closed as desired due to each pattern being uniquely designed to suit your requirements.

Cells® works best on one side of the staircase only, as multiple sets of Cells® balustrade would compete with each other. We recommend either glass or a solid fill balustrade on the opposing side to allow the sculptural effect of Cells® to really stand out. We have installed Cells® stairs in Moscow, London and Paris, why not add your location to the list.