A glass pivot and glass treads above a parquet floor in a stairwell with white stucco walls.
A spiral staircase with wooden treads on a laminate floor, in front of a white stucco wall with photo frame.
A floating staircase without pivot above a laminate floor, in a stairwell with wooden wall.

Glass Tube in an Ellipse

EeStairs is a people-oriented design and manufacture company specialising in stylish, ingenious staircases and balustrades. As a creative supplier it challenges the established order. Its approach and results are unusual in their design and execution. EeStairs wants to see and feel passion in everything it delivers. And that shows: EeStairs is able to surprise its clients time and again with its unusual creations.

Once again EeStairs delivers a concept to a client who desired the seemingly impossible. A glass staircase as open as possible, but with safety in mind. Due to space restrictions traditional glass balustrades where not an option. Steel proposals where met with trepidation. This staircase option certainly has the wow factor that the client desired.

To give an idea of EeStairs creativity we have above some of the options created especially for this client. Which is your preference?