A loft with a glass floor and glass doors. Further, the rolling blinds and hanging ceiling spotlights are visible.
A winding staircase with glass balustrades in an entry hall with white chairs and red rugs in it.
Glass balustrades with knotty wood staircase railings, along a winding staircase with natural stone treads in front of a white stucco wall.
A stainless steel handrail, secured to a glass balustrade with a white stucco wall in the background.
A reflection in the glass balustrade of a winding staircase in front of a stucco wall with wooden plinths.

TransParancy 1-01 by EeStairs®

Transparent implies contemporary, spacious and unlimited possibilities. These characteristics fuse together in the TransParancy™ balustrades by EeStairs. TransParancy™ balustrades are largely made of glass and that appeals to a wide range of people. Clients recognise the value of our TransParancy™ balustrades because of their prestigious appearance and fine detail design. Despite being manufactured from clear glass, our TransParancy™ balustrades are very eye-catching!

They are suitable in all applications, in people’s homes, businesses, shops and public buildings. Our TransParancy™ models comply with practically all national and international regulations and can therefore be installed anywhere. Furthermore, the glass combines magnificently with wood, stainless steel or leather and all for a relatively attractive price.

Advantages of TransParancy™ 1-01:

1. Feeling of space and no balusters in view

2. Suitable anywhere: on galleried landings and even on complex curved stairs

3. Tailor-made, with flexible dimensions and design

4. Seamless, with no undesirable metal fittings

5. Turnkey, everything under one roof: from advice to assembly