People walking the staircase with bamboo treads in the building of Kanes Foods in Worcestershire.
Behind the glass front of the building of Kanes Foods, people walk up and down the staircase.
An open spiral staircase with bamboo treads and stainless steel balustrade in the building of Kanes Foods in England.
Spiral stairs with wooden steps, with a stainless steel spindle and stainless steel handrails with mid-rails.
Meeting of many men who are talking to each other, round tables with glasses.

Green salad food factory

EeStairs UK supplied large external spiral staircases, a stainless steel feature spiral and a stunning double flight helical entrance stair for Kanes Food's 100,000 ft2 factory in Worcestershire. The opening was attended by botanist James Wong, who laid the final turf on the roof after completing his duties as guest speaker.

The internal stainless steel staircases are finished in a satin polish with gently curving balusters supporting mid-rails. In keeping with Kanes' green credentials the treads are natural bamboo, an endlessly renewable source due to its fast growth and extensive root system meaning replanting is not necessary.

The curved roof at Kanes Foods is covered in grass and native wild flowers which is designed to blend in with the surrounding Cotswold Hills whilst controlling building temperature. The building also uses solar panels to heat water and produce electricity for the plant.