A white winding staircase with glass balustrade on a concrete floor, in front of a wooden reception desk and a red carpet.
The office of an insurer, with a winding staircase in the hall, red carpet, fauteuils and lamps
A winding staircase with a glass and closed balustrade, above a cast floor in the offices of an insurer.

Design is not an overnight process

For a UK insurance firm the design team contacted EeStairs very early on in the design process with some basic ideas for a staircase. The designer wanted a large feature staircase but needed to convince the client that it would have the WOW factor that they had promised.

Initially advice was given on what was possible regulation and design-wise in the space allocated for the stair. Budgets were also discussed so that any proposals would be feasible. Working closely together with EeStairs' designers, concepts and 3d visualisations were prepared and presented to the client.

The proposals where further refined after comments from the client and the scheme was given the green light. In this case EeStairs submitted a tender in order to win the contract, but of course we prefer to be a nominated subcontractor! Our pre-tender input and a favourable tender submission ensured that we were successful in obtaining the contract.

Without the planning at tender stage this staircase would have been far more challenging. The stair was completed on time and on budget with no compromises or surprises which ensured a very satisfied end user.

If you are lacking in time, do not despair. EeStairs still has plenty of solutions to offer you so contact us now.