A glass balustrade along a staircase in an office garden with a stone floor and a bush.
A free-hanging staircase in a hall with a draft lobby with emergency exit sign, a dark brick wall and a glass façade.
A winding staircase with balustrade in a shed with wooden beams, wooden double doors and natural stone floor.
A winding staircase with white natural stone treads and underside and fitted with extra-high glass balustrades.

TransParancy 1-01 update

Transparent implies contemporary, spacious and unlimited possibilities. These characteristics fuse together in the TransParancy™ balustrades by EeStairs. The TransParancy™ 1-01 balustrades are largely made of glass which appeals to a wide range of people. The structural safety glass is mounted in a steel or aluminium track embedded below the floor. Rock solid and super safe thanks to the toughened safety glass we use.

They are suitable in all applications; in homes, offices, shops and public buildings complying with all UK building regulations. The glass combines elegantly with wood, steel, leather and/or stainless steel, and all at a competetive price.

Our TransParancy™ 1-01 now comes in 3 flavours:

1-01 CB – Capped balustrade comes with the handrail on top of the glass infill making it easy to grasp

1-01 GO – Glass only is our streamlined modern model and is composed solely of glass. You hardly see the balustrade at all which allows the environment to be shown to its fullest.

1-01 XL – eXtraLarge has the handrail in front of the glass, allowing the design to appear lighter and expansive.

Advantages of TransParancy™ 1-01:

  • Feeling of space and no balusters in view
  • Suitable anywhere; on galleried landings and even on complex curved stairs
  • Tailor-made; with flexible dimensions and design
  • Seamless; with no undesirable metal fittings
  • Turnkey; everything under one roof: from advice to assembly