A floating staircase with oaken treads and glass balustrades, in a hall with windows with awning.
Two frames with black shapes as illustrations, in a space with a staircase, parquet floor and balustrade.
A summer residence with glass walls in Long Island, against a clear blue sky. In front of that lies a garden with vegetation.

Floating Steps of Beauty

Upon the coastline of Long Island, NY, EeStairs has installed a floating staircase in a cottage next-door neighboring the well-known Hamptons. This summer home required a double flight staircase to service the three-levels overlooking the bay. In addition to the interior staircase, EeStairs has also provided exterior staircases to service the secluded roof top terrace.

The interior stairs are 3-¼ in. oak treads suspended from a hidden steel stringer within the wall. The glass balustrade with stainless steel cap rail tie the complete system together forming a well supported and structurally sound “floating” stair.

The exterior staircases are galvanized and painted double stringers with garapa decking material for the treads. The balustrades are a horizontal rod system galvanized and painted to match the stringers.