A staircase in a penthouse, with a window frame, parquet floor, table and chairs and a hanging lamp.
Donker granieten traptreden, een spiegelglans RVS trapleuning, een glazen balustrade en zicht op Manhattan.	Dark granite staircase treads, a mirror polished stainless steel staircase rail, a glass balustrade and view of Manhattan.
View of the Rockefeller Center, traffic and billboards in the centre of Manhattan in New York.

EeStairs Rises to the 44th Level

In the heart of Manhattan, the pent house suite of a 44-story high rise has recently completed re-construction to connect the apartment below to the main level of the suite. In to order to attain direct access to that level, the owner desired a magnificent and attractive element of architecture to achieve this purpose.


During the design phase of a project, EeStairs’ passion for staircases begins to shine.  Regarding this project, we met together with the client and the architect to obtain a full scope of the design intentions. In attempt to provide clear interpretations of design, we provided a photo realistic rendering of what we proposed for this unique staircase.  The client was very pleased with the rendered model, thus we proceeded with fabrication.


One of the key elements of this staircase is the stringer; it is a ribbon like structure that curves with the staircase as it travels upward. We fabricated this section using multiple plates to form the separate sections, and then grinding them smooth to make it into a single unit. Another main element was the mirror polish handrail system. The client specified an imitation of an existing handrail system that he had, so we took it upon ourselves to custom manufacture the handrail brackets to match. This was a very labor-intensive task, however, the result exceeded the clients’ expectations!


The client had a limited window for installation of the staircase, so with delicate coordination we were able to meet this deadline.  The installation posed its own challenges. Each section of the staircase needed to be brought up the elevator individually. Keeping these constraints in mind each section was design accordingly. With a skilled team who pride themselves with perfection, we were able to supply this unique staircase, which the client was profoundly delighted with.