A winding staircase with balustrade in a hall with a marble floor, glass façade, radiator and artwork.
A winding staircase with floating treads and stainless steel balustrade in a hall with cast floor and dark plant pot.
A winding staircase with glass balustrade in a hall with red carpet, concrete floor and wooden bins.

Helical staircases

Helical: adj.: of, relating to, or having the form of a helix

Helical staircases are fabricated to have the appearance of a curve or helix. This curved structure leads you from one level to the next by way of a flowing circular rotation. Because of its unique shape and rising characteristic, this type of staircase is ideal for retail, showrooms and atriums of public spaces. In addition, they are suitable for various commercial and residential applications as well.

At EeStairs®, we believe the helical staircase makes a glamorous statement. Its curved shape and exclusive nature, immediately draws the focus of the eye upon first glance. The core design of the helical staircase frequently begins with two rolled stringers attached by treads in between. In differentiating between a spiral staircase, a helical does not have a centre column upon which the treads are fastened around, as does a spiral.

Not only does a helix form qualify it for its glamorousness, but the various options of design and material possibilities for a helical staircase only exponent its beauty. By combining these options, your unique helical staircase can be created. The most cost effective base material to use is a steel structure. Once other materials such as stainless steel, glass and stone are added, the staircase will increase in price as well as beauty. However, depending on the variant chosen, an EeStairs® helical staircase will be the elegant feature and eye catcher of any interior.