An open staircase with oaken treads, next to a white stucco wall and balustrade with wooden rail.
A balustrade with mirrors in the offices of Duffy and Associates in Toronto in Canada.
A balustrade with panels of matte acrylic, a dark stained oaken floor and an oaken staircase.

Balustrade - Exclusive Design

EeStairs® is proud to be a significant contributor to a new modern residence in Toronto, ON.  By working very closely with the client, the architect, Paul Raff Studio, and the contractor, Duffy and Associates, we were able to bring together several different components in order to make a unique and attractive staircase and balustrade design, a reality.

The elaborate aspect of this staircase is the balustrade system. This system features frosted acrylic panels on the outside of the balustrade and mirror panels on the inside. The inside of the balustrade acts as a light tunnel that transfers reflected sun light from large windows on the second level to the main level and basement below. The frosted acrylic portion of balustrade defuses the light throughout the panels causing the outside of the balustrade to glow.

Although this project contained several diverse components and unique challenges for the EeCrew, they embraced the challenges and were able to deliver a staircase that is both unique and beautiful.