Balustrades with cell motif on a roof level with wooden floor and wooden beams, glass floor plates and a door.
A residence with wooden floor and wooden beams, a winding staircase, a balustrade with cell motif and a peek-through.
A winding staircase in front of a niche and next to a glass façade with a view of grass and sea.

Helical Cells™

EeStairs® has recently proposed a helical Cells™ staircase in an Eco-friendly barn in the heart of England. The Cells™ staircase is positioned in a corner, using two walls as structural fixings points for the gracefully curved moon treads to emerge from. Due to the 100mm sphere rule, EeStairs® Cells™ balustrade system is much smaller than usual in order to comply with regulations. The balustrade gently curves from the floor at the ground level twisting up to the mezzanine.

The staircase leads onto a link bridge, connecting the two ends of the barn. The original bridge was comprised of very large oak beams matching the surroundings but adding a great aesthetic weight to an otherwise fantastic double height void. The new bridge features slender steel members clad in EeSoffit™ softening the visual impact of the structure. Combined with curved geometry, glass planks and Cells™ balustrade, the bridge opens up the space and will create an impressive feature greeting those entering the home.

If that was not enough, the Cells™ balustrade features a handrail with integrated LED lighting. When illuminated after sunset the staircase and link bridge will be a breathtaking sight.