Floating steps in the wall
Floating staircase design
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Curved floating stairs

Floating stairs, also known as cantilever stairs, are characterised by a design where there are no supports between treads, giving the illusion that they have floating steps. It is for this reason that floating staircases are popular in homes where there is a desire to create a real wow-factor.

The treads of floating stairs are usually fixed to a solid wall one end, ensuring stability. Often the weight of the treads of a floating staircase is distributed by fixing the visible end to a handrail or glass balustrading.

Popular materials used in floating stairs design include concrete, steel, timber and particularly glass, so the staircase’s floating steps are fully visible.

It’s possible to style a floating staircase or hanging stairs in a variety of ways, floating metal stairs, for instance, are an excellent choice for contemporary homes. A floating spiral staircase features a central column spiral usually formed of steel and a popular option is to combine steel with an organic material such as timber. Floating glass stairs are another popular option, allowing light to travel through the feature design – this floating stairs design is often found in more minimal homesthat want truly magnificent hanging stairs.

Floating steps are usually fitted in new builds however it is entirely possible for a floating spiral staircase to be retrofitted and EeStairs has experience of creating exceptional design solutions for all floating steps scenarios in you hanging stairs.