A staircase in a studio with glass façade. There are also chairs, a table and a screen.
An open staircase in a studio with wooden beams, chairs and a partly brick wall in Buckinghamshire.
A studio in Buckinghamshire, with office chairs, a table and wooden beams in it. A painting is also hanging there.

Clockwork precision

In rural Buckinghamshire EeStairs was commissioned to design, manufacture and install a staircase in a workshop for an elite brand of British watches.

The requirement was for clean lines and modern design so EeStairs Fill balustrade staircase was specified. Fill balustrades are solid sheet steel, acting not only as the balustrade but also as a structural element of the staircase. The bottom edge of the fill balustrade follows the profile of the treads and risers, zig zagging up and down the flight.

To complete the staircase oak treads complementing the flooring and original timber beams allowing it to blend in perfectly with its production line environment.