A winding staircase with wooden treads in a space with laminate floor and view of a meadow and trees.
A balustrade of EeSoffit material in the shape of a flowing river, against a dark background.
A part of an EeSoffit balustrade, with two staircase treads and a white stucco wall behind it.

Flowing EeSoffit

Here at EeStairs HQ we love designing. Just when we think the design is finished we find another avenue to explore. Our first EeSoffit idea was very cool but we wanted to do something more.

Using the technology of EeSoffit we have taken the system one step further and have designed a balustrade and soffit integrated together. Inspired by rivers and streams the balustrade and soffit has a flowing relief motif. The balustrade also benefits from a sinuous curvedhandrail recess along the top edge which spills out onto the floor at the base.

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