A staircase with oaken treads and ebony stain, next to a balustrade with cell motif above a concrete floor.
A narrow, winding staircase with oaken treads, designed by architect Mark Cutone and installed in front of a summer residence.
A staircase in a workplace with ceiling lamps, a flight of stairs and a person at a screen.

Beach House Stairs

As the newly built summer home and the adjacent guesthouse near completion, EeStairs will be supplying three staircases to these spacious ocean front dwellings. Each of the staircases are unique in their design. While working closely with the architect, Mark Cutone from BPC Architecture, we are able to design three exquisite products suitable for each space.

The main dwelling staircase design is a center stinger staircase with white oak  treads that are finished with an ebony stain. The feature of this staircase is the design of the treads. The two part tread system allows us to hide all the hardware and fasteners inside the tread showing only the simplistic beauty of stringer and tread.

The guest-house staircase is a cantilevered floating glass staircase. The treads are 3 layers of 1/2” thick tempered glass laminated together with an acid etch surface finish. This allows traction and privacy of the user. Upon completion, the only visible aspect of the staircase will be the glass treads protruding from the wall creating a simplistic appearance.

The exterior staircase is EeStairs organic Cells® design staircase. This staircase connects the pool area to an upper deck. Additionally, it will provide access to a large double loop 12 ft. water slide. The design of this exquisite staircase includes an organic profile for the outside balustrade and a very tight radius stringer on the inside. The wood treads are made using sapele, finished with a clear stain and UV protectant.