A flight of stairs in a holiday residence with glass façade, a cabinet and a view of the Atlantic Ocean.
A flight of stairs with glass balustrades, next to a steel crossbeam in a summer residence on the Atlantic Ocean.
A glass lift shaft and glass balcony under a glass roof in a summer residence on the Atlantic Ocean.

Staircase Beauty, Seaside

Along the shores of the Atlantic, adjacent to a beautiful private beach, EeStairs installed two very unique staircases. The main staircase is located in the living room of the home, giving access to the bedrooms above. This is an articulating straight stair with perforated steel treads and risers. The perforated treads are covered by a 1-1/2” thick glass tread, giving the treads an extraordinary look.

The second staircase is a straight stair with mild steel angled stringers and formed steel plate treads and risers. This stair provides access from the second to third level. Both staircases feature magnificent glass railings minimizing any visual obstruction.

EeStairs also installed a glass walkway bridging a 30 ft. lap pool that separates the kitchen and living room. In addition, a glass elevator shaft and glass balcony railings were also supplied and installed by EeStairs.  These features give the common areas maximum visibility of the ocean view from any given point.

This project was rare and interesting for the EeCrew as it began in 2010 and is finally in the completion stages today. The process was slowed dramatically mid installation due to the damage in the house from Hurricane Sandy. This caused several replacement parts to be installed. Ultimately, as the project nears completion, EeStairs takes pride in supplying the architectural staircases and balustrades for this unique and modern summer home.