The luxury yacht MS Northlander at sea, with navigational device and a swimming pool, among other things, on board.
The interior of luxury yacht MS Northlander with a staircase, balustrade, ceiling lighting and table and chairs.
A wooden winding staircase in luxury yacht MS Sofia, next to a wall with LED lighting and under ceiling lighting.

At sea

SuperYacht Staircases

Staircases are fast becoming one of the boldest interior design statements, embracing a passion for innovation and engineering extraordinary products which prompt an emotional response. Staircase designer and manufacturer, EeStairs, has completed installations onboard some luxury yachts, for example the MS Northlander and MS Sofia.

Flexibility from EeStairs throughout the concept and build stage to completion and delivery was integral to the Northlander project and has resulted in an installation as remarkable as the company’s products on land. From design stage to conception, the Northlander stands out from similar superyachts because of the attention to detail that has gone into creating an inviting interior.

“The Northlander presented a remarkable opportunity to both express ourselves as designers and contribute to a truly stunning project,” adds Cornelis van Vlastuin, EeStairs creative director. “Rather than settling for the mass market appeal of a beige colour scheme, the Northlander’s designers opted for striking burnt oranges and chocolate browns; using a combination of crumpled gold foil on the internal balustrade of the staircase, combined with crumpled gauze on the outside of the stairs. Although the installation of a feature staircase within such an enclosed space was a pioneering project - it was a challenge that we were confident to embrace.”

MS Sofia, a 42m superyacht, required an exceptional staircase which reflected the smooth flowing lines and surfaces running throughout the three luxurious decks. A helical timber model was designed to wind elegantly from deck to deck. An outer balustrade in stainless steel maintains the feeling of a spacious and flowing interior - suiting the yachts interior perfectly.

At the very top of the staircase, opening into the upper deck, a curved glass wall partitions different areas on the deck whilst letting light flood into the staircase and down through into the second deck and below.

In addition, soft blue LED lighting above each tread, set into the curved outer wooden panel, maintains the presence and highlights the beauty of the staircase through into the night.

Each staircase created by EeStairs is a handcrafted work of art combined with engineering ingenuity. As with all superyachts, installation of a staircase can be challenging due to the central position within the structure. Added to this, EeStairs aims to retain the structural integrity of each staircase by installing whole sections as much as possible. EeStairs is committed to innovation and is therefore confident to embrace challenges such as this through engineering creativity to ensure successful installation for clients.

EeStairs endeavours to keep up with cutting-edge design whilst at the same time reflecting a passion for engineering extraordinary products. In a luxury yacht environment designs such as these come into their own, with those travelling in such a way bound for success.