The Vauxhall tower in South London, with a view of the city and a bridge over the Thames.
Two construction workers guide the placement of a winding staircase in a penthouse with a view of London.
A winding staircase with Cohiba treads and steel balustrades, next to a statue of a hiker and in front of high windows.

In the air

Luxury tower stairs

EeStairs brings staircases to a higher level. We recently supplied three luxury staircases to the penthouses of a prestigious new development in Vauxhall, South London. The tower is the UKs tallest residential high rise building.

The two duplex staircases are located in the lower penthouse apartments which offer stunning views across the capital. The apartments and stairs are a mirror of each other.

Approaching the duplex stairs you are presented with polished brown cohiba treads and risers spanning across a wide carriageway. To each side of the treads is a monolithic steel balustrade with a recessed handrail cavity illuminated by a neatly hidden LED light rope. The finish on the steel balustrade is a pitted liquid metal that has the effect on an antique sculpture that has beautifully aged over time. To the underside of the stair is a polished plaster soffit that gives the appearance of a high gloss, smooth slate. As the stair winds up its helical path the flight flows into large landing that gradually flares and encompasses the curved floor edge with the balustrade terminating into the side walls. Approaching from the upper level the flared landing balustrade acts like a couple of welcoming arms.

The triplex stair rises from the 48th to 50th floor in an apartment that is the epitomy of penthouse luxury. There is 360 degrees of vision across the whole London all of which can be enjoyed from the swimming pool (surely the highest swimming pool in the UK?!)

This is a different beast to the duplex stairs. The granite treads and riser are a darker Zimbabwean black granite and the balustrade and soffit is clad in a carefully selected American black walnut veneer. Quality oozes through the craftsmanship and staining of the veneer. It has a sheen but not a blinding dazzle. As the stair ascends the LED light rope lights the intricately crafted handrail cavity with a warm glow. The flight feeds into landings on the 49th and 50th floors where a short run of balustrade terminates into the side wall.