Architects and contractors choose groovEe™ because it is an innovative system that revolutionises the delivery of concrete balconies, guarded by glass balustrade. groovEe™ makes the use of additional steel fixings unnecessary, resulting in unobstructed views through glass balustrades. With groovEe™ it is possible to achieve a minimalist aesthetic that is otherwise difficult to replicate, making it the perfect option for many contemporary projects.

What is groovEe™?

groovEe™ is engineered to enhance the supply and fit of glass balustrades to pre cast concrete balconies in every way. A channel for glass mounting is integrated into the concrete, guaranteeing aesthetic purity and ease of installation when compared with traditional systems. groovEe™ is a two-part system comprising of:

1. Bespoke Formwork for accurate casting of glass track in concrete balcony production stage.
2. Toughened glass balustrade.

How does it work?

The groovEe™ balustrade is modelled using CAD by EeStairs’ Design Engineers in accordance with project specific requirements. On completion of the design process the glass track formwork is manufactured in-house using CNC technology before being shipped to the concrete casting facility for integration into your formwork. Once cast the balcony will include an integral glass track optimised for glass infill and the associated adhesive and sealant. Following your installation of the concrete balcony EeStairs operatives will expertly install the glass balustrade and seal the glass track.

Why choose groovEe™ over a traditional balcony balustrade system?

groovEe™ has been developed to streamline the delivery of concrete balconies with glass balustrades when compared with conventional systems, which typically use steel glass track, steel balusters or mechanical fixings. The combination of the swift manufacturing process and the ability not to use any steelwork also makes groovEe™ the ideal product where cost is important factor. Another advantage of the groovEe™ system is that projects will not require any maintenance to deal with corrosion or other deterioration associated with unnecessary metal fixings. This new system is aesthetically and economically interesting and an attractive alternative to conventional glass balustrades.

Advantages groovEe™

  • Integrated into the pre cast concrete
  • Guaranteed accuracy using groovEe™ formwork
  • Simple, beautiful and economically interesting
  • Swift installation
  • Aesthetic purity: no supporting steelwork needed
  • No metal parts

Disadvantages traditional systems

  • Not integrated into the pre cast concrete balcony
  • Increased installation time
  • Drilling into concrete balcony may be required
  • Separate metal parts
  • Maintenance for corrosion prevention
  • Visible supporting steelwork

Registered design

groovEe™ is the latest innovation from EeStairs and is built upon a commitment to improving upon traditional systems and methodologies and giving better products and value to the customer.

groovEe™ is a registered design in Europe, USA and Canada and is Patent Pending.