View of a landing staircase with wooden treads and a balustrade with red copper finish, walked by a woman.
A spiral staircase with inter alia a balustrade with brass finish, in a hall with a flat door.

Metal Finishes

A popular request we are receiving is for unusual metal finishes. Recently we have delivered staircases with aged copper, pewter, and brass stringers or railings.

In the past we were limited to painted steel or stainless steel, but with advances in technology we are now able to offer a variety of new finishes. There have been large developments in various coating technologies. Currently we are able to apply coatings that contain actual metal partials and can give a very unique finish in a much more practical and economical way. This type of finishing can be completed using copper, brass, tin, etc.

Another popular finish that is often requested is a patina finish on mild steel. The benefit of a patina finish is that it retains the properties of the base material. The beauty of this process is that we can work the material and achieve a patina to suit each client’s needs, since here are a wide range of colors and finish options avaliable. Often we like to use a waxed finish since it gives a very natural look and feel to the metal. Once the desired finish is achieved we can seal the finish, capturing it for years to come.

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