A hanging lamp, table and chairs, a frame, a staircase and a dresser with flowers in a vase on top.
A wooden waterfall staircase in a living room with hanging lamp, framed illustrations, table and chairs and a dresser.
A waterfall staircase with dark oaken treads and a glass balustrade in a residence in Toronto.

Waterfall Staircase

A magnificent waterfall staircase has recently been completed in Toronto, by EeStairs. Working closely with SIR Group Inc. and the client we were able to achieve a beautiful finished staircase.

When approaching the staircase, you are offered a classic look, using 1 ¾” darkly stained white oak treads and riser, accompanied with a glass balustrade and stainless steel handrail. The handrail entails #4 brushed finish, mounted with stainless steel brackets.

The staircase is complimented with a glass wall on the main floor, acting as a guard around the basement opening and as tread and land support for the second landing on the main staircase. The glass wall and balustrade is .5” clear tempered glass, mounted using glass clips.

The staircase allows access for two complete levels, from the basement to the second floor. It has a unique 1 ¾” thick landings made of wood that provides the illusion that they are floating off the wall.

Installation was slightly difficult when it came to bringing in the glass; due to the size of the panels. Another challenge to take into consideration was that due to the design of the staircase, it had to be installed prior to the drywall install, which required it to be well protected from damage.

EeStairs also produced and installed exterior railings for the client. Using glass panels and stainless steel brackets and handrail to construct a bigger atmosphere and an elegant look for the outdoor patio.

EeStairs has once again exceeded the expectation, and is proud to have completed this staircase.