A floating glass staircase with a stainless steel staircase rail, behind a glass wall by a white stucco wall.
Glass treads in front of a glass wall and a room with ceiling lighting, people at the table and a hanging lamp.
A spiral staircase with stainless steel balustrade and glass treads with purple light lines, above a dark wooden floor.

Glass products

EeStairs has pushed the design envelope by transforming the ordinary into something spectacular, using glass. Beautiful ethereal and yet incredibly strong and modern, glass treads rise like a shimmery sculpture, creating an undeniable sense of wow in any space.

Glass treads allow light to flow through the stairs, creating a very airy and sumptuous dwelling. Glass can also be used in landings from one floor to another to add even more visual interest. Glass makes a dramatic entrance. A staircase is a natural architectural centerpiece and often makes the first impression as one enters a home or business.

Glass balustrades are very popular these days; they provide beautiful results and add safety to the staircase. Glass panels and balustrades act as a wall to prevent anyone from falling. They can be combined with many other materials to create a particular striking design.

As EeStairs continues to design, manufacture and install staircases, we find ourselves often using solid thick glass, tempered glass and laminated glass. Glass treads and panels are often chosen to create a more atmospheric room. Glass produces a modern spacy appearance, allowing for one to look beyond.