An apartment containing a table and chairs, paintings, a wooden loft and a 1m2 staircase.
A space-saving staircase below a wooden loft, in a living room with wall clock and table with glass top.
A space-saving staircase below a wooden loft and by a glass table, wooden chairs and audio system.

1m2 stairs for student accommodations

The former anatomy building on Campus Boerhaave, part of the Leiden Bio Science Park, is to be converted into housing for doctoral students and researchers. The dwellings will be fitted with one of EeStairs’ most iconic designs, the 1m2® staircase, which will provide access to a mezzanine level that will be created during the renovation.

Situated on a tree-lined avenue, the beautiful new apartments will juxtapose the traditional exterior of the building with fourty-three exciting contemporary apartments for students to study, relax or unwind.

High ceilings in the former laboratory space has allowed VVKH Architecten to integrate a mezzanine floor in the new apartments, each of which will have its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as well as a living and study area. Positioning the bedroom on the mezzanine level will allow occupants to enjoy a larger living space than in a single story apartment.

“EeStairs has worked closely with VVKH Architecten from the design stage of the project to the development of a model home, for which we provided a prototype staircase. Throughout this process it was our collective ambition to provide access to the mezzanine level with out occupying excessive floor space,” explains Cornelis van Vlastuin, EeStairs’ Creative Director. “Using just one square meter of floor space, and with striking aesthetics, the 1m2® was the ideal solution.”

After visiting EeStairs studio, in Barneveld, to test the ‘walkability’ of the 1m2® staircase VVKH Architecten specified the design for the project; which is scheduled for completion by Coen Hagedoorn Bouw Heemskerk contractors in summer 2015.

Coen Hagedoorn Bouw Heemskerk has placed an order for 44 1m2®staircases, through distributor A3 timmer en afbouw. Each of the staircases will be powder coated in RAL 1019 for a uniform finish.

“We are always keen to participate in new projects, and this has been no exception,” adds van Vlastuin. “We are excited to see the finished apartments, which we are sure will be enjoyed by students for a long time to come.”