A white cover with embossed letters that form the text 'Explore the edge between stairs and art'.
A screenshot of multiple text frames and pictures, with, among other things, a person, balustrades and stairs.
A screenshot of two illustrations of a turned spiral staircase in a stairwell and in front of a metallic wall.

EeStairs unveils its third EeBook

Now in its third edition the EeBook, from EeStairs, is a celebration of the company’s journey so far, including some of the latest and the most ambitious projects undertaken in the last decade. The latest edition of the EeBook also boasts some new features for designers, architects and specifiers to enjoy.

“At EeStairs we are extremely proud of what we have achieved, and how we have built a reputation around the world for creating outstanding staircases,” said Cornelis van Vlastuin, EeStairs’ Creative Director.

“Like our staircases, we hope that the EeBook will be appreciated for its eye catching design, exceptional substance and that it will inspire its users to push the boundaries of design.”

For this reason the latest edition of the EeBook has a white cover – with numerous projects featured, including helical and floating staircases, built in public, private and exclusive settings all over the world, the EeBook is intended to be thought provoking - and the cover provides a new, fresh look.

EeStairs’ passion for every aspect of creating staircases is evident in the new sections of the EeBook. A new section, titled ‘At EeStairs, we co-create’ outlines the support offered by EeStairs’ industry experts from conceptualisation, to detailed design. This in turn is supported by ‘EeStairs at work’. With dedicated installers EeStairs has the ability to deliver and install staircases, overcoming obstacles such as limited access, working at height or even underground.

As an ‘Exponent of Excellence’ EeStairs strives to design, manufacture and install the most exceptional staircases and has documented this process in the latest edition of the stylish book.

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